Car Photo Of The Day: Name EVERY Car.

This should be a fun one. Taken at the New England 1000 a few years back, as we lined up for the morning start.

I just found out that I could be participating in this event again this year as a co-driver.

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  1. Wow. The first to respond. This is pretty cool. My guesses are: (front to back)

    0 – vehicle unknown (photographer’s car)
    1 – Lancia model unknown
    2 – Austin Mini
    3 – Lotus Europa

  2. 1. Photo taken from an E type, I think. 2.Lancia Aurelia B24 spider, c1954; 3. The Mini is tricky (I can’t see external door hinges or sliding side windows and the front bumper doesn’t have budgie bars so I don’t think it’s a Mk I or II) could be an “S” but all badges are obscured however the colour is Surf Blue which was a Mk I only paint -but then the roof is in contrasting white which was not done by the factory back then (only by the Competitions Dept), and wheel arches are an add on -I’ll guess at a 1965 Cooper S; 4. Again it’s hard to be precise about the Lotus Europa so I’m going to take a stab at a series 2, c1970.

  3. You guys have all of them, EXCEPT the car I’m in. 😉

    Look closely in my glasses for the dead giveaway.

    I thought the Aurelia B24 would be harder to get, but you guys are good. The Europa would be a stumper if there weren’t so many Brit-car geeks hanging around here. heh.


  4. Hi Chuck,

    Christina is now hooked on these . She did some research and beleives hat you are riding in a Jaguar XJ-120

  5. I didn’t think to look in your glasses but I was looking at the reflection on the front of the Aurelia. I’m going to concur with Sredmondus/Christina and hazard it’s an XK120 (originally I was thinking that the XK didn’t have a lockable fuel hatch but I’ve just researched it).

  6. The “dead giveaway” I was referring to was the shape of the windscreen, which is indeed a Jaguar XK 120 (that’s “K” Mr Redmond!)

    This was the 120 that my father sold to a Danish buyer a few years ago. I loved that car. It was an anthropomorphic nightmare, and a real bitch to drive, but man was it fun. To grab that wheel and go was like taking on a high-performance tractor. 😉

    If I was going to buy an XK, it would be a 140 OTS, but I consider it a privilege to have driven the real deal… the first of a legendary series. The XK in its purest form.

    I’ll highlight a few of the other cars seen here shortly.

  7. My neighbor has a very nice S2 Europa. Fairly homely car (in my opinion) but fun to drive. Harder for me to get into on the passenger side than the driver’s side due to a slightly bum right knee. You cannot really use any of the bodywork (especially the doors) to leverage yourself in or out.

    I had to take my shoes off to drive it.

    Frankly, I’d rather drive my MGB.

  8. Mind, I’ve also discovered that any T-series MG is pretty much out, TC definitely and even a TF is an awfully tight squeeze. Truly vintage British (and European cars in general) are a really tough fit for someone 6’1 and, er, well fed.

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