Car Photo of the Day: As promised…

OK folks, here is a toughie. Though I know there are a few guys in this crowd that might now exactly what it is, as it possesses a singular distinguishing characteristic. This is a pre-war car… as in WW1(!) I will also admit to having photoshopped the marque name off of it, as well as removed the license plate, which like our early Ferrari last week provides a clue to the identity of this wonderful little car. Yes, it carries a current license and gets DRIVEN often, including long distance tours! Gotta love that.

Car Photo of the Day: Do not adjust your set….

I normally throw away completely out of focus photos such as this. I just could not do it with this photo though. It has some redeeming aspects, though very little in the way of real quality.

I took this photo while hanging out the back of the E-type as we ascended the Red Lodge side of the Beartooth Highway towards Yellowstone on the first day of the 2006 GTTSR. (I heard this week that they plan to drive the Beartooth again next year after a two year absence!) I was holding onto the luggage rack with one hand and shooting photos with the other while we drove like madmen up this section of highway:

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The image captures the spirit of that particular time very well. So I kept it.