Car Photo of the Day: Mystery Car

Name that car!

I have been woefully remiss in posting of late, both CPotD and regular updates. Truth is, I’ve been living out of hotels for the past two months plus! I’ve been travelling for work, and moving my household from northwest Washington to central Oregon. Nick & I have been at the latter location for the past two weeks as he’s started school, and I’ve been attending to all those things that setting up a new household takes… first of all being getting the house itself! As many have heard, securing loans these days is damn near impossible, with banks dragging their feet and tracking every penny, both yours and theirs. Sort of the opposite end of the scale from the freewheeling zero-down, credit for anyone with a heartbeat days of not so long ago. Honestly I prefer it somewhere in between, but more on that later. The good news is, we have the house and the movers arrive tomorrow. Stay tuned for details.

Meanwhile here’s a “Name that car” mystery for you all to ponder while I set up power, TV, Internet service, and start unpacking our goods in a new home. I found it in a museum (obviously) and it stuck me as a real oddball in a lot of ways. What oddities can you note about it? Can you identify it? Discuss in the comments…


This morning I pumped the hydraulic fluid out of my car lift and dismantled the lift mechanism.

This is essentially the final step prior to moving. I’ve packed up and organized everything else. The movers come in a little over a week. On Tuesday Nicholas & I depart for Oregon as he begins school on Wednesday. We’ll be living in a hotel for at least a week while the house closing completes. It has been a long and stressful month for the Goolsbees… here’s hoping things start to smooth out going forward.