WTF is THAT? (name that car!)

Thanks to Bruce Cox in Burnaby who sent me a set of photos of something even MORE obscure than the BMW 503 (I thought I’d stump you guys with that one :\ )

Unlike the elegant 503, this thing is about as ugly as you can get without going to Soviet Russia. Let’s see if you can guess this one.

If you can’t, I’ll reveal more pictures of it as hints.

Jerome got the answer, so here are the pictures:

Makes me wanna barf.

5 thoughts on “WTF is THAT? (name that car!)”

  1. That speedo goes up to 160 Kph, that’s a hair shy of 100 MPH. Somehow though, I doubt it can reach that speed.

  2. I have no idea what this is, though I think I’ve seen it before somewhere. My random thoughts…

    * RHD…hmmm, continental production car or British or Japanese concept or production car.
    * Hmmm. Dash shifter, single spoke steering, and general shape. Is this some sort of modern interpretation of a 2CV Citroen? Can’t turn anything up in that regard.
    * Steering logo looks vaguely FIAT-ish. Is this a modern take on the Fiat 600?

    I call uncle, I killed about 500,000 brain cells looking through hideous cars on the internet for a match.

  3. how about an S-cargo – Jap light commercial delivery type van – looked like a snail – we have the odd one here – was it a Nissan? not sure… Jerome

  4. Winner! Nice job Jerome.

    Yes, it is a Nissan S-cargo. I’ll add more pics so Roger can experience the true impact of ugly.

  5. ha! I guess it was one of the earlier small upright Jap cars that we see a lot of here now – no doubt designed for city life. You must admit the name is a bit of a laugh and suits it well! – Jerome

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