8 thoughts on “Yet Another Name That Car!”

  1. An interesting machine, no doubt. What did it sound like? I haven’t had the privilege of hearing a straight-8 Bug run.

    “Chassis #57374 – Here is the first production Atlantic which is identified by its low set headlights that only slightly protrude. It was built in 1936 and possibly with parts and panels from original Aerolithe prototype. The first owner of #57374, Lord Philippe de Rothschild of London, ordered the car in light blue with dark blue interior. A subsequent owner sent the car back to Bugatti in 1939 to receive a supercharger and make the car a true 57SC. After the war, Bob Oliver of Los Angeles owned #57374 and modified it in drastic ways. Bob resized the rear windows and painted the car several different colors including red. The current owner, Peter D. Williamson picked up the modified car at auction in 1971 for $59 000 USD and spent years restoring the car to its 1936 specification. He debuted it at the 2003 Pebble Beach Concours were it won best in show. It has since toured across America”

  2. Roger, you are correct.

    Another photo here. It was hard to shoot as there were lots of people around it. I saw it at the Amelia Island Concours.

    Never heard it running, sorry.

  3. Aren’t Bugatti engines (and I mean *real* Bugattis, not the new hyper-Volkswagens) a thing of extraordinary beauty?

    The twin cams, the spun aluminum surface treatments, the meticulously bent tubing, every fastener safety wired as if the mechanic were a sexually frustrated anal-retentive wanna-be orthodontist.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Ettore Bugatti’s work, the dead giveaways of the “Bug” as Roger called it are all of the above. The dead giveaway for the Type 57 Atlantic is the riveted inverted seam along the fender (one also ran along the center roofline!). The dead giveaways for THIS EXACT Type 57 are the color and integrated low headlights. The other Atlantics were even wilder than this one.

  4. My ultra-British-enthusiast-car-fiend friend Jeff cut his teeth on Bugattis. They are lovely. Every part is beautifully rendered…down to details like axles.

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