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  1. Wow…Lance’s own? I wondered where it went to….almost the “Holy Grail” of American specials, that!

  2. I *think* the red car in the background is a Maserati, no? Hard to see it well enough….looks similar to Bob Sutherland’s, which I’ve seen in the flesh….

  3. FYI: when I was a kid, in the mid-60s, I got to *see* and *hear* the “Meister Brauser” Scarabs of Reventlow and Augie Pabst run at CDR, the big track (now long-gone) south of Castle Rock, Colorado. Talk about warping the mind of a young, impressionable gearhead…!
    I also saw a Birdcage Maser run and my first sighting of a 904 Porsche…Mom and Dad, wherever ya might be, I owe you a *huge* debt of gratitude!!!

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