Fix It Again…

The scene: In Nova Scotia, right about here on the 2001 Forza Mille. Sherman & Scott Wolff experienced an Italian flavored “failure to proceed” moment. I don’t recall the nature of their problem, but I do recall they were in an odd pair of vehicles: The one pictured above, and a eight-cylinder pre-war Packard.

The “name that car” photo above is way too easy, but hey, my little green British roadster from earlier in the week remains anonymous so maybe my readers NEED a dead giveaway. 😉

3 thoughts on “Fix It Again…”

  1. Um, golly, chuck…I *think* it’s a 275 GTS Ferarri…but I could be wrong. That license tag might just be a smokescreen.
    It might just be a Fiat 124, for all I know…..:)

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