13 thoughts on “Why yes, it IS British…”

  1. Here’s the *real* test for your other reader, chuck..
    What is the numerical designator for this car? And did it ever get a big honkin’ V8 in it?

  2. Finally, I know that name of one of the “name that car” subjects. What a loser I must be to only get one, and that one being so easy that somebody upped the naming ante on it… 🙂

  3. When it fails to go into reverse, which I understand happens from time-to-time, you can get out and kick the linkage from the back and all is “well.”

  4. and Paul… 3 liter V-8s do not count as “big honkin'”… they don’t reach that nomenclature until they displace 5 liters. 😉


  5. A classmate of mine in undergrad had one, and I’d seen a few around. I always had the feeling that if I could have stooped down low enough I could have picked it up and flipped it over. It sure followed Chapman’s mantra of low weight.

  6. You used to see these all the time for sale, usually around $3500. Even the JPS versions. That would be the mid-eighties.

    Can’t say the styling has really ever appealed, but infinitely better than the Elite and Eclat.

  7. Well, for a Lotus that weights about 1800 pouinds, all up, the 215 CI B-O-P engine is honkin’!
    OK…fellers, what is the numercial designator (multiple correct answers) for thg Europa?
    I had a customer with one of the lil’ ugly summinabitches (I DETEST’M) and the originals has fiberglass door hinges. If you slammed the door? It would *break* off!
    Then there were the clip-in windows…sheesh!

  8. The one-off V8 version was indeed the 47; the car began life as the Lotus 46, and went (IIRC) to the 53.

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