Car Photo Of The Day… mirror image.

I could not pass up the opportunity to grab this photo. The subject is the 2006 KZOK Classic Car Calendar, being held up by the Calendar’s Art Director, Dave Webber, open to the page showing the car parked in front of him. Feel free to take a guess at the car make and model, I have no idea what it is (but can look at my copy of the calendar later to verify your guesses.)

The honor of being picked for the calendar was very nice, and the photo shoot was fun. I had participated in shoots before as an Art Director myself, but it was fun to be merely a spectator (and a bit of a stylist. 😉 )

In December of ’05 they had an official release of the Calendar at a Car Toys store in Issaquah, and several of us who owned cars chosen decided to show up. The weather was perfect, so I had to go. All the guys from the Bob Rivers Show signed a copy of the calendar for me and I grabbed a few extras to give away.

I kept my calendar open to “June” all year that year. 😉

3 thoughts on “Car Photo Of The Day… mirror image.”

  1. ‘Oooh! Oooh! Mr. Kotter! Mr. Kotter! I know!!”
    (that’s the best I can do Horshack, online….)

    It’s a Toyota Prius….;)))

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