6 thoughts on “He’s powered by ram induction but it’s understood…”

  1. Yes..the *VERY* rare, *VERY* pricey aluminium block, with a Lightweight XKE wrapped around it…..!!! RHD, of course….and a TRULY large sucking sound!!!
    I’d say we’re looking a about $200 LARGE, give’er take…..!

  2. Very Rare = 16 built.
    Very Pricey = $1mil to $1.3mil (according to recent auction results)

    So you’re off by about 800k there Mr. Wigton.


  3. Yea…too bad you goofs drive on the *wrong* side of the road!…LOL!
    I only drove once, when I was in Arsetralia (my Aussie ex-wife taught me that’s how it’s said!) in 2001. I was pretty OK with everything except making RIGHT turns. I’d have to sit at intersections, thinking out loud, “OK, I need to turn WAY out there, on the OTHER side of the road….”!

  4. My biggest problem was looking the wrong way at intersections and not panicking when cresting a hill and seeing someone oncoming in YOUR lane (even if you’re driving where you should be).

  5. I was lucky: where I was was relatively flat so was spared the *panic* I’m quite would have ensued in that situation! I’m sure it would have taken MANY moons for me to acclimate to driving on the other side of the road!
    Up till 1905 or so, it was customary to drive on the left and have the steering wheel/tiller on the right in this country too. I guess someone decided that after all that dad-blamed mess of the Revolutionary War, we wuzzint gunna drive on the same damn side as those @!#$%^& bloody whinging Pommies!!

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