Air Cleaner Update



Well, the K&N filters finally came off the 65E today.

However, I didn’t put the stock cannister on. Instead I put an aftermarket replacement from ITG. Paul might be having an aneurysm reading this… I don’t know.

Remember last year, when I won that photography contest from SNG Barratt? Well I looked at the filter and the parts voucher I won, and figured “what the heck… it is free” and ordered it. I actually chatted for a while with Dave Kerr in the UK about his and he seemed to like it. It is easier to work around, and weighs about 1/8th what the stock setup does.

It was very easy to install. I documented the process here for the terminally curious. The K&N’s will be going on eBay soon, unless somebody here wants them real bad. Bueller? Bueller?

The car seems to like the new setup. I doubt it is the filter so much as the trumpets between it and the carbs. The torque curve seems to not flatten out in the midrange anymore. That’s not scientific … just a “seat of the pants dyno” reading.

I can still put the stock setup on, once I manage to find all the little parts I have yet to source.

4 thoughts on “Air Cleaner Update”

  1. bit too spotless under the bonnet Chuck! do you have a team of elves that go over it with rags at night or something?


  2. No aneurysm, here! Indeed, you’re correct about the difference being the trumpets. As for the original cannister v. the ITG one? Either filt3ers plenty good, and the ITG one looks *cool!*

  3. Then maybe I’ll sell my OEM one on eBay… given how much they go for, I could come out ahead! 😉

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