Car Photo Of The Day: This should be illegal!

whoo hoo!

That is yours truly, muscling a rather valuable bit of machinery around a road course at speed. One of those “once in a lifetime opportunities” that you don’t pass up. I don’t recall what my time was on this run, or any of them for that matter, but I do remember that it was a ton of fun throwing that old car around the track. On one of my runs I called the office and hoped to broadcast my lap on the NOC speakerphones, but was dumped into voicemail instead. Damian, the phone system operator at the time saved the file as an MP3. As you can tell, I was a tad too occupied with the task at hand and was not able to provide a Jeremy Clarkson-style commentary whilst tugging that big steering wheel back and forth through the course.

A fun exercise for my readers will be to ID all the cars pictured here… there is one oddball and it is NOT the RPM tow vehicle dominating the background.

11 thoughts on “Car Photo Of The Day: This should be illegal!”

  1. I’m really too tired for this but I’m addicted.

    From L to R

    Porsche 356 probably a C series but I’m too knackered to check
    Ferrari 275 GTB Coupe
    Ferrari 250 GT Pinin Farina (although I can’t really see)
    Mercedes 300SL Roadster
    Dark (green) coupe? Lord knows but I don’t. TVR Taimar perhaps? I was thinking it was Sunbeam Alpine Harrington but I’m not convinced.
    Chevy Suburban or the USS Enterprise –in either case the gas mileage is about the same
    Two cars on extreme right: I think the one with the black stuck on spoiler might be Lancia Beta Coupé (possibly the supercharged Volumex). It could also be a Renault 12 Gordini but I think it’s the wrong colour and the boot doesn’t slope acutely enough.
    I concede defeat on the tiny bit of a left hand wing (but I’ll take a wild guess at an AH3000).

  2. Mad Dog from L to R:

    WRONG (but close)
    Wrong, but that is a really tough one.
    Wrong, but Jerome got it MOSTLY right, as it is a Series 3 E-type (so technically not an FHC, but a 2+2)

  3. Um, my ‘picture’ stops at the Subdivision, on the right…..? I’ve had this issue before, where I don’t get to see the entire pix….wottami doin’ wrong, chukkie?

  4. Paul: Click on the lower-right corner of your browser window and tug it to the right as far as it will go. 😉

    And no, you are WRONG about the green car.

    This car is making its second appearance as the CPOTD stumper. IIRC Roger was able to ID it last time.

  5. Screen’s already maxed out…guess I’ll just miss those right hand cars..and the green one, too!

    I’m *sooo* ashamed….:)

    Sunbeam LeMans coupe???

  6. OK…got it! I twinked on it, when you mentioned Rog got it…and I won’t cheat, having gone back and looked….but it’s STILL *tutt bugly* ….:)

  7. Hang on, I’m losing the plot here. Is the green car a Sunbeam LeMans? I did actually suggest (and reject) this possibility last night although I called the car a Sunbeam Alpine Harrington which I think is the same thing. Anyway do I get points for trying? Now I really must do some work…

  8. It is not a Sunbeam, or an Aston. This car is an AC Greyhound.

    The red Ferrari is a 250 LWB, and the yellow one is a 275 GTB/4.

    The car behind the V-12 Jag is a mystery to me. I’m searching though my pics from that event to try and ID it.

  9. I’ve been caught by the wide picture issue before vrooomie – very weird when you have no scroll bars on the bottom of the browser window to detect an issue… so not only does Chuck have fat pipes but also wider screens!

    and FHC verses 2+2 – typical… and I kind of like the front look of the 2+2 as well – next time I’ll get one!


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