2020 Lewis & Clark Rally. Getting there.

Yes, I know I never finished last year’s story about the rally, sorry. We finished Third in Class (again, for a “ThreePeat”).

Now for this Pandemic Year things are different. Linda decided to skip it, and both my other family navigators passed as well, so I’m training a new Navigator, Stewart Ross (Linda’s kid, though hardly a kid as he’s in his twenties.) We’re driving the 320i again, as it is the most reliable of my vintage cars at the moment. I’ve taken it on several shake down drives this spring and it has performed flawlessly. The E24M has a bad power steering pump, and the 65E needs a float replaced in the SUs. Both items are on my to-do list.

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Car Photo of the Day: More Ferraris

A Gazillion Lire

This photo was taken on the same day as the previous several CPotD shots. It is a pair of Ferrari 250 LWBs, a coupe and a roadster. When I posted this originally during the event itself (the 2001 Forza Amelia rally) I gave it the caption:

“A Gazillion Lire worth of Ferraris over Lunch”

Now I could even say ” A gazillion Euros worth of Ferraris over Lunch!” 😉

I don’t recall these cars ever taking to the track that day. I wonder why?

Car Photo of the Day: Mystery Car Revealed

Mystery Car

Here is the Mystery Car from yesterday’s CPotD, and I’m not talking about the AC Greyhound. This was the green car behind the Jaguar at the extreme right of the frame. The dark area on the tail is NOT a spoiler, as one guesser posited… it is a sharp overhang above the deeply recessed taillights.

I’m pretty sure that it is a Ferrari, but what sort is beyond me. I’m sure you guys know though.

Car Photo Of The Day: This should be illegal!

whoo hoo!

That is yours truly, muscling a rather valuable bit of machinery around a road course at speed. One of those “once in a lifetime opportunities” that you don’t pass up. I don’t recall what my time was on this run, or any of them for that matter, but I do remember that it was a ton of fun throwing that old car around the track. On one of my runs I called the office and hoped to broadcast my lap on the NOC speakerphones, but was dumped into voicemail instead. Damian, the phone system operator at the time saved the file as an MP3. As you can tell, I was a tad too occupied with the task at hand and was not able to provide a Jeremy Clarkson-style commentary whilst tugging that big steering wheel back and forth through the course.

A fun exercise for my readers will be to ID all the cars pictured here… there is one oddball and it is NOT the RPM tow vehicle dominating the background.