Car Photo of the Day: More Ferraris

A Gazillion Lire

This photo was taken on the same day as the previous several CPotD shots. It is a pair of Ferrari 250 LWBs, a coupe and a roadster. When I posted this originally during the event itself (the 2001 Forza Amelia rally) I gave it the caption:

“A Gazillion Lire worth of Ferraris over Lunch”

Now I could even say ” A gazillion Euros worth of Ferraris over Lunch!” 😉

I don’t recall these cars ever taking to the track that day. I wonder why?

2 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: More Ferraris”

  1. The Ferrari 250 coupe (lwb/swb it doesn’t matter) is my favourite car of all time. I’m just LUSTING after the lwb there but it’s probably worth more than my property, cars and pension I’ll just have to dream for now…

  2. “I don’t recall these cars ever taking to the track that day. I wonder why?”

    Well..maybe the owners knew the cars weren’t up to the stress of tossing them around a track. Maybe they were like a *whooooole* lotta Ferrari owners I’ve had the displeasure of knowing….MAYBE.
    I actually heard a Ferrari owner once say to me, at Steamboat ’90, where I raced my DKW 750 Junior, “How can you POSSIBLY drive a car around a track, with other cars so near you? You could *scratch the paint*.”

    I kinda looked at him, with a huge, blank, not-quite-comprehending look…then finally said to him, “How can you possibly NOT drive a car like yours on a track, where the car was intended to be?”

    He looked back and said, “Well, *I* spent (I’m just sorta remembering this number) $$15,000 on the paint job. I couldn’t put a scratch in it, it would KILL me!”

    I then realized there are MANY car folk (not all, mind you!) who simply love their car not for its pedigree, or for its intended usage, but only revere it as a penis extension.
    Me? I’m with you, Chuck..a car is useless if not DRIVEN…used….buggy all over its nose (STILL my fave pic of ’65E!’), wet with the rain of a beautiful sunset all over its paint. Not drive a Ferrari hard? Might as well use an Thouroughbred as a lawn ornament.

    Mona Lisa was meant to be looked at- …David- …The Thinker.

    A car isn’t “alive” until it’s DRIVEN, or it’s simply a dead hunk of steel, glass, and rubber.

    Maybe that’s why…who knows…..

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