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March 28, 2008

Car Photo of the Day: More Ferraris

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A Gazillion Lire
A Gazillion Lire

This photo was taken on the same day as the previous several CPotD shots. It is a pair of Ferrari 250 LWBs, a coupe and a roadster. When I posted this originally during the event itself (the 2001 Forza Amelia rally) I gave it the caption:

“A Gazillion Lire worth of Ferraris over Lunch”

Now I could even say ” A gazillion Euros worth of Ferraris over Lunch!” 😉

I don’t recall these cars ever taking to the track that day. I wonder why?

Car Photo of the Day: Mystery Car Revealed

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Mystery Car
Mystery Car

Here is the Mystery Car from yesterday’s CPotD, and I’m not talking about the AC Greyhound. This was the green car behind the Jaguar at the extreme right of the frame. The dark area on the tail is NOT a spoiler, as one guesser posited… it is a sharp overhang above the deeply recessed taillights.

I’m pretty sure that it is a Ferrari, but what sort is beyond me. I’m sure you guys know though.

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