Nick & I visit the Reyns’ at Pacific Raceways

I received an email earlier in the week from Philippe Reyns, who along with his wife Francoise and his Jaguar XKSS, I met at the Going to the Sun Rally last year. He let me know that they were going to be in the Seattle area for the Northwest Historics at Pacific Raceways. My plan was to take the Jaguar to work on Thursday, along with Nicholas, and spend the 4th at the races. Unfortunately the weather ruined my plans. Wednesday and Thursday saw some rain and thunderstorms… the latter a VERY rare event in the Pacific Northwest. The Jaguar stayed home and Nick and I took the Jetta. After work we drove south to Pacific Raceways (in horrendous traffic.)

There we found Philippe and Francoise Reyns, and their two race cars: a Lola and a Lotus Formula Ford. I spent quite a while chatting with the two of them, catching up from the past nine months, etc. Nick behaved himself, though I could tell he wasn’t interested in what the grown-ups were talking about. Nick was enthralled with the cars, and was amazed to be offered a seat in them.

The grown-ups continued to chat while Nicholas’ imagination had him doing laps around the track.

The Reyns are really nice folks. It was very cool of them to let Nick “test sit” the cars. Weather permitting Nick & I hope to head back down later in the week to watch the races and cheer Philippe on. Stay tuned.

Above: Nicholas helps Philippe put the wrapper on the Formula Ford.

6 thoughts on “Nick & I visit the Reyns’ at Pacific Raceways”

  1. I love the expression on Nick’s face in that next-to-last shot. Definitely looks like he’d gone to the races in his mind. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, he’s rounding the final curve and heading to the finish line! 😉

    Hopefully this rain will clear up and we can head down in the Jaguar tomorrow. If so, expect pictures!


  3. I have some photos up on rusty heaps, from Saturday…there were a couple of rows in the paddock where every single car was worth more than I’ve made in the past ten years. And that’s with no kids!

  4. Rut roh..
    You’ve let him sit in a race car. i can speak with GREAT personal experience about which road down which you’ve now sent your youngest.

    It can get *reeeeal* expensive….:):)

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