Car Photo of the Day: A green race car on the green.


A legendary Vanwall VW5 F1 car in BRG. The real thing. The “chuck connection” here is the place this car was built: Acton. This is where I worked when in the UK in ’97/’98.

Now, if you live in the UK and have a huge pile of cash, you can actually buy a street-legal replica of a Vanwall VW5, though with a bit more engine (a Jaguar V-12!) than the original. Check it out on Top Gear:

4 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: A green race car on the green.”

  1. Fans of the movie, “Grand Prix” will recognize the Vanwall as Roger Stoddard’s F1 ride, the brother of one of the main characters, Scott Stoddard. Scott drove it after he recovered from his ‘shunt’ at Monaco, when Jim Garner’s character, Pete Aron, drove with his little head, instead of his large head….;)

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