Car Photo of the Day: Summer drawing to a close.

It is still sunny here in the Pacific Northwest, but we can tell the wet season approaches as our mornings are getting foggy. I remember snapping this photo one winter of a beater old Triumph I used to see on my daily commute. It was bondo-ed up the wazoo and I imagine its top leaked like a submarine with a screen door. Yet somebody drove it down I-5 every day through Everett.

Yes, I’m backfilling my 2008 GTTSR stories as fast as I can every night before I go to bed, so expect a summary post with links soon. Meanwhile you can go back and view them if you like via the “2008 GTTSR” link to the right, or just scroll down and go back. Once that’s done I’ll have a whole new slew of “name that car” posts and whatnot coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

2 thoughts on “Car Photo of the Day: Summer drawing to a close.”

  1. In the list of “Top Ten Car I Wished I’d Never Sold,” my ’61 TR-4 is one I *really* want back. It’s my fave TR of all time, I fit comfortably in them (not the IRS version: to get the IRS in, they had to shorten the cockpit) they are tough as nails, easy to work on, handle reasonably well, was pleasant to drive, and IMHO, one of the BEST styles Michelotti ever did.

  2. I don’t think I can name 10 I wish I’d never sold, but my ’69 Triumph TR-6 is number 1, I’m currently looking for another TR-6 or a TR-250. Hopefully finding one that’s not a pile of iron oxide flakes held together with bondo.

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