The ultimate “yank tank”!

The Ultimate Yank Tank

Sorry for the small photo, but this one is a classic. On the rainy New England 2000 some guys brought a Johnson-Era Presidential Lincoln Limo, complete with a Monica Lewinsky blow-up doll. They topped that insanity by actually taking the barge out on the autcross course! It had everyone rolling on the asphalt laughing. Somehow I managed to capture the funniest moment of their whole run, when the limo threww a hubcab rounding a right-hand corner. MASSIVE understeer! Sadly predictable Sadly predictable

I’m linking to John’s reasoned and logical analysis of the political fallout from the Virginia Tech shooting. Go read it. There is no need for me to comment other than… yeah, I agree. I don’t have anything to say, but if I did, it would be something akin to what John said, just with less “John-ness” to it. 😉

So I’m linking so he’ll get some traffic and/or technorati rankings. Well done John.