two, three, four…

I’ve been leaving for work very early in the day recently. Caught this image just as the sun came up over the mountains to the east, casting an exceedingly warm orange glow over everything. This is a white wall with green numbers but the rising sun’s amber glow overpowers the spectrum. I love the shadows, especially of the wood grain itself, and the screws.

Just thought I’d share.

Car Photo of the Day: Still Life with Bonnet Prop

As a “Car Guy” I love looking under hoods and bonnets. It is always fun to see something unusual, which here in America means something OTHER than a pushrod V-8. Or these days, ANYTHING other than a plastic engine cover. I delight in finding straight sixes, vee-fours, and flat-anythings. Bonus points accrue for side-draft carbs, dual overhead cams, slanted engines, and wild manifolds. This car is a dog’s breakfast of almost all the above (the less said about the bonnet prop the better however!) I could spend an hour staring at it, and in fact did so when I snapped this photo.

This car belongs to an occasional commentator of on this website, so he’s ineligible to ID it, but do any of you other reprobates know what car this is?

It’s Official… itineraries are being arranged as we speak.

The route of the 1999 Cannonball Classic.

A few weeks less than a decade ago my father and I drove the 65E in what was the looniest adventure we’ve ever done, the 1999 Cannonball Classic. We missed the 2000 run, and vowed to do it again in 2001, and even found a car specifically for the event, but as we were the sole entry, it was cancelled(!) Oh well, it was too crazy an idea to survive.

I found out this morning that the two of us are going to be moving that very car coast to coast almost 10 years to the day after that amazing week in 1999. The start and finish points are different, and we’re going alone instead of in a group, but we’re still driving the entire breadth of the USA in a matter of days.

Stay tuned for more!

Car Photo of the Day: Composition is everything.

The Whole Shot.

I’m posting this image for two reasons. One is because it shows one car from a different angle that appeared in the last CPotD… and I’m not talking about the Jaguar in the foreground. The white car behind it is the subject here. I had thought it was a Turner, and Paul ID’ed it as a Triumph. I was going to say he was wrong, but I looked again. I REMEMBERED a Turner being in this rally (The 2007 Monte Shelton) and just assumed it was this car appearing behind the Jaguar. I looked closely at my pics of the Turner and this car is NOT a Turner. I looked for any other white convertible from that weekend and could only find these two photos. It very well could be a TR, but I’m not sure enough to call it.

I also looked at this photo and saw two photos. One was just a record/snapshot sort of thing to make note of the cars and people, the other, more likely what I was looking at while I was peering through the viewfinder was this:

The shot within the shot...

This is the photo in my minds-eye whenever I see an XK. That luscious bonnet and fenders, with all those light-capturing curves. These cars are a photographer’s dream for this feature alone.

Car Photo of the Day: Rally Check-in.

No. This is not this year’s check-in for the Monte Shelton NW Classic, but a past year. It always looks the same though as it happens in the exact same spot, and many of the same cars participate each year… so I could have lied to save face. I’m too honest for my own good sometimes. So here’s a little distraction to while away the day while I work… at work, on my deck, on making BioDiesel, or whatever else is keeping me from writing up the story of our rally.

Can you name all the cars in this picture. SIX are visible enough for an ID from an expert car-spotter. Try your hand in the comments.

Car Photo of the Day: What’s German for “go-kart?”

Not really a grand tourer, so seeing a 914 in a Vanishing Point like highway setting is a bit odd, but otherwise I’ve always had a like for these little mongrels from Stuttgart. Or was it Wolfsburg? (will that debate ever end… Porsche people need to lighten up!)

I can think of few better (vintage) weapons for carving up a wildly twisty roads or an autocross course…. beyond perhaps a Lotus 7, but at least you’ll stay relatively warm, dry, and comfy in the 914.

It is a shame that few cars like this are built anymore. Small (in size and displacement), affordable, sporty, fun, raceable and streetable. Yes, there is the Miata, but that is more akin to a modern MG B or other SBC Roadster than a 914. It would be neat if VW put the blue-sport concept thing into production, as that would certainly fit the bill. Diesel too!

In other news, I painlessly completed the WP upgrade of the blog software, so all you folks whining to me behind the scenes about security risks can stop whining and comment on fun stuff now! The deck work is nearing the end so hopefully I can write up the Monte Shelton tale soon. Stay tuned.

Car Photo of the Day: Hero Shot of a Bum Car.

OK, not really a bum, but let’s just say it wasn’t highly regarded or well-loved outside of a small group of car enthusiasts. Pretty easy guess, but do you know the car?

Sorry for the lack of updates of late. Since my return from the two recent Jag-trips I’ve been enmeshed in the never-ending deck-rebuild project, work, and visits by relatives. I’ll get back to updating the website (in more ways than one!) soon. I have to write up the Monte Shelton Rally story, and I also need to update WordPress asap. Be patient while I hammer and saw behind the scenes.