Car Photo of the Day: A Well Waxed Maser

Since we’ve had two Maseratis show up this week I figured I’d make it a triple and finish out on Friday with this study of a rain moistened badge. If you are feeling particularly car-geeky go ahead and guess the model.

Just an FYI, I’ll be working behind the scenes over the next few days (maybe weeks depending upon schedule) to build and deploy a new server for this, and my other websites. Yes, I said websites in plural; I have a bunch, some well-known, others not so much. As part of my departure from d.f I’m consolidating all my scattered web properties to a single server. At the moment they are found on either five different d.f shared hosting servers (this site, for example uses two servers, one web, one database), or on my aging personal server, a 233MHz G3 running WebSTAR(!) which serves up most of the images here on c.g.o as well as still running the now-retired, but still used

Performance may actually improve. We’ll see.

Depending upon where I finally end up plying my trade (I’m in the running for as many as four good gigs right now, stay tuned) the server may go with me, or stay here at digital.forest. Again, stay tuned. I’ll post announcements as major changes take place, so there could be some downtime.

Car Photo of the Day: Spot the Fakes, there are two.

There are two “fakey-do” cars in this photo. One is very easy to spot. The other? It might be a challenge.

Bonus points for naming the underlying/previous identity of the donor chassis/engine combos.

This photo taken at the “Crusin’ to Colby” car show in Everett, WA, specifically to show two fakes in one photo… no artistic composition intended. 😉

Farewell Aperture, for now.

At least this houseguest cleans up after itself!

My 30-day Apple Aperture trial expired. I ended up deciding not to buy the software though. Why?

$199 seems steep for an application that runs like molasses on my fairly well-spec’ed machine; a MacBook Pro 2.53GHz with 4 GB of RAM. I like Aperture’s RAW editing features. Once I got the hang of them that is. But… damn this application is slow. This was with a library of less than 100 photos. I note that iPhoto bogs down once its library exceeds 5000 images. Aperture was dog slow right from the very first image.

Every once in a while I would see some moment of brilliance, and think I was falling in love with the software. Then it would smack me with a spinning cursor and drive me away. I would hope that a trial period would show you all the reasons to love a new product, but in this case it just drove me back to using iPhoto + Photoshop.

I’m open to being convinced otherwise, so feel free to chime in if you have a differing opinion.

Car Photo of the Day: Meteor Shower

This photo is something of a “happy accident”, as I did not intend to result in this sort of effect. I was shooting as I almost always do, hand-held and no flash, when the camera had this odd malfunction that resulted in this bizarre lighting. I kind of like the result.

The event was an informal get together of E-type owners on a January evening in San Francisco a few years back. I didn’t have my car there at the time, as I was in town on business.