Separation Anxiety

sticker shock

I’m suffering from Separation Anxiety this week. The 65E is at a body shop, getting that damage to the bonnet you see above fixed. It happened last autumn, when I removed the Going to the Sun Rally sticker from the car. A fist-sized chunk of clear coat came of with the sticker and I went suicidal for several days.

I’ve gotten over the suicidal tendencies but I do worry whenever the car is at a shop I don’t know well. If you recall I was very disappointed in the last body/paint job I had done to the car. Insurance isn’t involved this time, so maybe it will work out. This shop came highly recommended by several local “car guys” around Arlington. It should be done later this week.

Next up is rebuilding the steering rack, and then the summer rally & slalom season starts!

2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety”

  1. Chuck, did Queen City clearcoat that area of the hood in their previous repair? Or is this a failure of some other shop’s clearcoat system/application?

  2. The latter. QCA did a repair on the opposite side of the bonnet. Mind you, the insurance guy said that they would gladly pay for the WHOLE bonnet to be repainted, and provided an estimate for that. I would have been VERY happy with that as my bonnet nose has quite a bit of “road rash”… In the end, QCA just did the area around the repair.

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