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October 30, 2009

Car Photo of the Day: Yet Another Bonnet Shot

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This photo graces the “October” page of this year’s Calendar. I’ve been looking at it all month long and I figured it would be a great way to close out the month here as the Car Photo of the Day. Enjoy!

Cringe worthy word abuse

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I’m not a grammar nazi. I don’t correct people in mid-sentence. I don’t flame people online who make language missteps. I can’t even profess to being mostly correct in my writing as lord knows I abuse it constantly with ellipses and parenthetical statements (as I’ll soon demonstrate … d’oh!) I’m sure all my English teachers would tell you I was nowhere near the top of their class when it came to grammar. Sometimes though I see things that make me cringe.

I have pre-built RSS searches that scour Craigslist’s “Free Stuff” section for things I use to make BioDiesel. One of those searches is the word “barrel”. When I was setting up my system I needed barrels and why pay for one when somebody is always giving it away somewhere? I no longer need barrels (in fact I should give a few away!) but occasionally people give away a barrel full of stuff (waste oil, veggie oil, methanol, Diesel, etc) that I can use, so I leave the search there in my preferred RSS reader, Safari.

I swear, at least once or twice a month, this one comes up…

It is not always this person Samantha giving it away. I’m sure she is not an idiot, and in fact could very well be a very nice person. Most people I’ve met named Samantha have been nice. I even dated a wonderful woman named Samantha when I was in college. But … THE WORD IS WHEELBARROW DAMMIT! Wheelbarrow. Look it up!

ah… there … I feel so much better now.

October 29, 2009

Gone… (sniff)

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A sad day here in Goolsbee-land. I spoke with my father a bit ago on the phone and he informed me that the red 300sl that he and mom bought nine years ago has sold. That car will be missed. I only was able to drive it a few times but each moment at that wheel was magical. In many ways the 300sl was the very first “supercar” and to have any miles in one is a privilege. In that respect I am a very lucky man.

Two bonus photos for the car spotters. Name all the cars in these last two images.
Two bonus photos for the car spotters. Name all the cars in these last two images.

Car Photo of the Day: Speaking of Bonnets, Louvers, and Lustrous Paint…

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I’ve featured many of the amazing Jaguars in the collection of Philippe Reyns before, including his XK-SS and pre-war SS100, but I’ve rarely displayed the first car I met him in, his black Series 1, 3.8 E-type. Philippe and his wonderful wife Francoise attended the 2006 Going To The Sun Rally in this E-type. It is in much better condition than mine. We’ve become friends and now I always get together with them when they come to the Seattle area (except this past year when I was out of town when they were in!)

As for the functional beauty of the E-type’s louvered bonnet, it is clear from the D-type predecessor that the function is really required on the left (exhaust) side of the bonnet, but the right (intake) side was also louvered to balance the appearance. I may be wrong on this, so hard-core gearheads feel free to correct me. Of course it all went “banana-shaped” as the Brits say with the Series 3 E-type in 1971 when they had to put shielding under the louvers to keep rain off the cylinder heads of the wider-than-XK V-12 engine.

Regardless of all the above, it is beautiful, isn’t it?

October 28, 2009

Car Photo of the Day: Reflections of beauty

Filed under: Car Photo Of The Day — chuck goolsbee @ 4:53 pm

There was an illustration in the brochure for the E-type Jaguar that just showed the bonnet, seemingly coming at the viewer at an angle like this… minus the rest of the car. While this photograph is not of an E-type, it has the same aesthetic about it. The focus here is all upon the wonderful curves, adornments, and reflections of this most shapely and beautiful bonnets.

I could stare into that gorgeous paint all day long…

October 27, 2009

Car Photo(s) of the Day: The Big Black Healey

Filed under: Car Photo Of The Day — chuck goolsbee @ 3:02 pm

Here are two shots of the black-on-black Big Healey that has graced the last few CPotD posts. It participated in the very first Going To The Sun Rally I was able to join in 2006. It was driven very hard every day, yet always looked and sounded great.

Bonus points for naming the cars in the backgrounds.

October 26, 2009

Keep Clam! (Earthquake simulation on Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct)

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Oddly my first thought upon watching this is: Who wants to meet me down at Ivar’s for some clams?

My second thought is: Let’s see the simulation of the proposed tunnel filling up with seawater during a similar event.

(hat tip to my neighbor Bill Gilliam for the link)

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