Engine Photo: Followup to Previous CPotD.


Here is the bottom/business end of the Hyabusa engine I posted in an earlier Car Photo of the Day. On a rest stop of the 2009 Annie & Steve Norman Classic Motorcar Rally on Vancouver Island we stopped at the shop of Super Seven Cars Inc. The shop is run by an ex-Can Am racer who has a fascinating collection of cars in and around the shop. They specialize in this Lotus 7 replica with the Hyabusa engine. Seems like a natural fit really. Insane coupled to crazy.

Looking for a Father’s Day Gift?

Pardon the shameless self-promotion, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind my readers that prints of my car photography are available for purchase online. The above is a slide show of some of the shots you can buy. These are from the collection called “Action Shots”. Prints are available in various sizes, suitable for on a desk or hanging on the wall. They’s make a great gift for your Dad for Father’s Day, or anyone who appreciates cool cars anytime of the year! You can even have them framed and gift-wrapped!

To purchase your print select the image you want and click it. You’ll be taken to my online store.

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Car Photo of the Day: Still Life with pop-up headlight.

Name That Car.

Today’s CPotD Mystery Guest was another car seen on a lunch stop at a car collection on the 2009 Annie & Steve Norman Classic Motorcar Rally. The car was parked under a temporary tent behind the main building that housed the collection. Sadly, it appeared as if it had not moved under its own power for quite a while. Can you name the car?

Car Photo of the Day: Name that Beater

Every Saturday evening here in Arlington there is a mini-cruise-in at the local Burger King off of Highway 9. Rain or shine, with far more of the former, all year-round. I only amble down there occasionally, but always bring my camera. It is a VERY laid back crowd, with amazingly eclectic tastes. Every car is welcome. No “Concours d’Arrogance” here at all. I’ve seen everything from Rat Rods to Italian exotics, ’57 Chevys to Volvo P1800s, and Nash-Healeys to Packards. People show up in whatever they have, or in some cases are still working on, as project cars are welcome too. This car showed up once and I had to get a photo of it. Completely unrestored, but far from a “survivor” it is a very tired old beater. Can you name the car?