A bit of history…


The above is a photo I’ve retouched a bit to try and get it closer to the original. It is a scan, of a photo, of a photo. The original photo had been subjected to light, wear, and something like coffee spilled on it. You can see the original file I started with here.

This photo was taken at Wilmont Hills Road Course in 1963 (the year I was born… not far from where the photo was shot!) and the two cars in the foreground are the two Jaguar XKSS cars I recently saw at the Going To The Sun Rally. The (gasp) Opalescent Silver Blue one in the foreground is XKSS#16, the very car I rode in thanks to the generosity of Phillipe & Francoise Reyns. The maroon one in the background is XKSS#15, now owned by the Nells. Francoise Reyns sent me the scan, which I cleaned up in Photoshop this evening. I figured I would share.