Air Cleaner Update



Well, the K&N filters finally came off the 65E today.

However, I didn’t put the stock cannister on. Instead I put an aftermarket replacement from ITG. Paul might be having an aneurysm reading this… I don’t know.

Remember last year, when I won that photography contest from SNG Barratt? Well I looked at the filter and the parts voucher I won, and figured “what the heck… it is free” and ordered it. I actually chatted for a while with Dave Kerr in the UK about his and he seemed to like it. It is easier to work around, and weighs about 1/8th what the stock setup does.

It was very easy to install. I documented the process here for the terminally curious. The K&N’s will be going on eBay soon, unless somebody here wants them real bad. Bueller? Bueller?

The car seems to like the new setup. I doubt it is the filter so much as the trumpets between it and the carbs. The torque curve seems to not flatten out in the midrange anymore. That’s not scientific … just a “seat of the pants dyno” reading.

I can still put the stock setup on, once I manage to find all the little parts I have yet to source.