The worst nurse in the world.

My wife had some minor surgery today, and it is her fate to be married to a guy that is completely lacking in the whole “nurture” gene. I mean… I can barely take care of myself, and a neon tetra in a bowl at my office – thankfully one is a cold blooded animal requiring very little care, and the other is a fish.

Somehow I managed to not kill my kids when they were babies (but let me tell you, there were a few close calls when I was left alone with them!) I am just not really cut out to care for anything… sorry. At least not anything actually alive. I’m fine with inanimate objects. A car, a computer, a network, my right leg… all will do fine under my not so watchful eye. But a human being, and especially my wife? She’s doomed.

Thankfully, she’s pretty self-sufficient and is not so bad off. She is on pain meds, and has tasked me with monitoring her medicine intake. Now THAT is something I can do… read the labels, enter the intervals into my Treo, set the alarms, etc. The key will be whether the Treo alarms will actually wake me up in the middle of the night. I sleep through everything but earthquakes greater than 5.4 on the Richter scale. For some inexplicable reason, I’ll snooze through a 5.3 and under, but once the wave or shake hits 5.4 I am bolt-upright and ready for action. Go figure. We’ll see. Hopefully she’s back to her high-functioning self again soon.

If she were to ever become incapacitated in a major way, we’d have to make polygamy legal so I could pick up a spare wife to take care of her (because I’m too cheap to actually pay somebody to be a caretaker!)


Hey, I’m famous!

OK, so not really, my CAR is famous. The 65E has been selected to grace AutoBlog this morning. They chose it for the “Reader Ride of the Day” I’m honored.

Last time I was linked from there (the photo of the aston martin up on blocks sent by my friend Jerome in New Zealand) my traffic shot through the roof, and I picked up a few new readers. Welcome folks. I’m a Network Geek who works for a Web Hosting and Colocation company headquartered in Seattle named digital.forest. We’ve been around for over 12 years, which in web-time is a geological time-scale. I rarely talk about work here though, as this is my personal site. I mainly talk about, and really more often just SHOW PICTURES of cars. I attend vintage rallies in my Dad’s old Jaguar, and love to photograph old cars. The most common “feature” here is a “name that car” photo of the day, where car geeks look at things and display their depth of obscure car knowledge. The reigning big-brained car geek is Roger, who knows (almost) everything. So if you know your stuff, hang around and see if you can outwit him. 😉

Thanks to Damon & Alex over at Autoblog for the pick. Again, I’m honored.


My son, the (potential) teenage terrorist.

My son is hoping to further his study of languages by spending a semester abroad, in either a Spanish or German-speaking country next year. In order to accomplish this we tried to renew his US passport. He had one 10 years ago, when we were in the UK, but it has long ago expired. Besides, he is about 2x the size of the photo in that passport, since he was six years old when it was taken. He’d be embarrassed to travel with that photo, so we had a new one taken. His mother took him and his photo (and birth certificate, and Social Security card, etc etc) down to the post office in Everett today (a 30 minute drive) because in order to get a new US Passoprt he must appear IN PERSON, with his parent, since he is a minor. We brought along the above photo.

The fine civil servant refused to accept the photo, and sent them away.

The reasons? The background is “too blue”… and the words on his shirt.

For those of you not aware of what turns the crank of the under-18 crowd, it is a quote from this clip. I gave him the shirt for Christmas, and I think he hasn’t taken it off since. Yep. Refused a passport due to a video game cartoon T-shirt.

When my wife enquired as to why, the outstanding, ever-vigilant civil servant hero replied: “It is all because of 9/11”

My wife replied, “None of the 9/11 hijackers had a US Passport.”

The government representative had no response to that.

So we’re going for a second try next Monday with this photo:

Ah, the magic of Photoshop!

Name That Car

OK, this (I hope) will be a tough one. However somebody… and you know who you are Tom(!)… guessed wrong on the Lusso, which would be right on this car. Of course Tom guessed via AIM/iChat, not here on the blog, but maybe he’ll come out of his shell and guess right on this one.

He had the Marque, but not the Model. Bonus points for guessing that right.