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January 31, 2009

Car Photo of the Day: Something bugging you?

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A yellowjacket looks for lunch among the roadkill on the headlight of a classic car.

January 30, 2009

For our resident Geologists

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650 Million Years in 1 Min. and 20 Sec. – Watch more News Videos

The ultimate time-lapse video.

Mad Dog Mini at the Start

Filed under: Cars — chuck goolsbee @ 7:23 am

I noted on John “Mad Dog” Morrow’s website this morning that he’s in Reims and readying for the start of the Monte Carlo Historique. Bon Chance mes amis!

January 29, 2009

Site Update tonight

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Update Friday, January 30, 2009: The planned upgrade did not happen last night. I came down with a nasty sinus headache, and just drove home and went to bed. The work has been postponed until the weekend

breakin' out the toolkit...

Just an FYI I’ll likely do a software upgrade on the site tonight. I successfully ran the WP upgrade on a test blog last night and it went well. That site though is much smaller than this one, so I expect things to take longer here, and the possibility of downtime is higher. If the site vanishes for an hour or two, you’ll know why.

(and yes, I make backups. if everything goes tango-uniform I can back out of the upgrade.)

This is awesome! (from Hemmings)

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Hemmings Auto Blogs » Blog Archive » from the fertile mind of Joseph Ihnat, part 1 – Poppen’s Special kid’s racer.

Makes me wish I was 5 years old again.

Car Photo of the Day: Honeymoon Hot Rod

Filed under: Car Photo Of The Day — chuck goolsbee @ 8:37 am

Well, not really. This was just a vintage rally practical joke, and a good one at that.

This car is one of those famous Euro-American hybrids, with raw yankee power mated to a sleek Italian chassis. This car looks and sounds wonderful. Yeah the name is right on the back, but go ahead and guess. 😉

January 28, 2009

Car Photo of the Day: Incontinent old cat

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(can you see the diaper under the car?) 😉

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